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Consider yourself more of a Freelancer or Independent Contractor than a hero. You just want to get some decent pay for some decent work. Tired of leaders telling you what you to do. Then become a Shadow Merc. We have constant postings for those who are willing to get the job done without asking too many questions. Become the free being you’ve always wanted to be. ((Shadow Mercs is a heavy RP group running small teams through RP events pm or email TheGameMaster@gameimaster))

((Shadow Mercs is a RP Heavy group dedicated to running Cyberpunk/Shadowrun style RP events in Champions Online. We will strive to give a decent RP experience and work with other strong RP players in the game to make for a fun time by all. As this is a strong RP group members don’t know each other. This isn’t a social club it’s more of a work centre for skilled individuals. We aren't here to hang out in bars or pat each other's back. We work with others because it’s the best way to get things done at times.))

Shadow Merc is a loose collaboration of independent contractors brought together for jobs from private parties. Our members aren’t out there to save or enslave the world, they just want to get by in it. We understand that the best way to get the job done a lot of the time isn't to destroy half the city doing it but instead to operate in the shadows behind the scenes. The best jobs are the ones where nobody but the client knows you were there. You report to no one and it is only your rep that suffer if things go south... just don’t expect to get much work if you can’t work with others or if you botch things up. The clients want things done quickly and quietly. Remember that and all will be gravy.
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Guild News

First main RP event January 12

GameMasterf, Jan 4, 13 3:18 PM.
please sign up for the first RP event in the callander. thanks

Active recruiting begins Jan 5

fr0b0zz, Jan 4, 13 9:12 AM.
We are getting closer to starting our RP runs. please if you know anyone who is a good RP player and who's charecter will fit in please ask them to visit the site and sign up. Thanks
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